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About Elucide Painting Plant Management Software

With more than two decades of experience in the surface coating and surface treatment industry and having established a successful business manufacturing spray painting equipment, we have been involved in consultancy for improving the efficiency of the current painting processes and practices (including Pretreatment, Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Air Pollution Treatment).

There is yet to be a software in this industry to keep track, maintain and improve the painting process in a production plant. We have been developing a software that does just that. Please feel free to send us a message to know more about the details and the general working of the software.

Our Product

Painting Plant Management Software System

We will economize the input of your plant by providing real time monitoring of data. We then give you refined analysis of raw numbers by showing you some key relationships between different factors especially ones that ultimately influence the cost vs price.

The complete software will be made available on a secure cloud based platform which maximizes ease of use.

Features & Benefits

  • Painting Plant Management Software custom made for your components, your plant and your process.
  • You cannot control what you cannot measure. Consumption of Direct and Indirect inputs continuously monitored using Windows / Android mobiles / Tabs and iphones / ipads. Input through 7 devices possible
  • Painting Cost from INWARD up to Effluent Treatment / Pollution Control Cost covered.
  • Maintenance of both Plant and Process covered and resultant Cost Analysis included.
  • Scheduling and Forecasting, ROI calculations possible.
  • Task scheduler helps you to keep a track of all Maintenance and Process jobs to be carried out. Helps you in formalizing "Optimal Maintenance Strategies".
  • Keeping track of Past activities is easier and history is maintained. You will not be doing the same trials as information on previous trials are a click away.
  • Consumption analysis is inbuilt and anomalies are reported to the concerned person for further investigation.
  • Daily Reports.
  • P & L on a daily basis possible.


  • Output graphs for Parameters, Consumption, daily Profit & Loss account.
  • Individual Component painting costs.
  • Each route cost.
  • Scheduling & Production Planning
  • Consumption Forecast based on history.
  • ROI for Process Maintenance Planning.
  • Task Scheduler for Process Maintenance including Consumable, Manpower planning.
  • Monitoring of heat-up time, Quality issues, Changes in process and feedback analysis possible in real time.

All of the above is only possible of course if inputs are monitored by the production crew on a daily basis. And this has been made very easy as the data can be entered from any authorized device with internet access.


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